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Potential Transgender Ban

Potential Policy Changes for Transgender Service members FAQs

Q: Do the President’s tweets constitute an official policy change?

A: No they do not.  In order for the President to officially change the policy on transgender members serving in the armed forces he must issues an Executive Order or a signed memo delivered to the Secretary of Defense.  So far he has not done that.  We have no idea what his intentions are.  Please see the correspondence from the CJCS here.


Q: Should military treatment facilities stop treating or diagnosing gender dysphoria?

A: No, absolutely not.  There is no change in policy.  Military treatment facilities should continue to operate with the current policies. If your treatment is being delayed or refused, please contact our legal team at


Q: I am a transgender service member and have not been seen by a military treatment facility.  What should I do?

A:  There has been no official policy change, so you are free to seek treatment.  Of course this is a personal journey so you need to do what is best for you.  If you have any legal questions or concerns please contact our legal team at


Q: I am a transgender service member and I have already begun my transition through a military treatment facility.  Should I be concerned that suddenly I will be left without medical care and separated from the armed forces?

A: There has been no official policy change yet, so you should still receive medical treatment.  Depending on what happens the future will be uncertain, but rest assured that OutServe-SLDN will fight this if it becomes reality.  Any questions you have can be directed to our legal team at


Q:  What are Congressmen saying about this potential policy change?

A: Senator John McCain, (R-AZ)
Senator Orrin Hatch, (R-UT)
Representatives Frank LoBiondo, Leonard Lance and Tom MacArthur (R-NJ)
epresentative Scott Peters, (D-CA)

Senator Richard Shelby, (R-AL)


Q: What will happen if this ban becomes actual policy?

A: OutServe-SLDN has joined Legal Lambda and will pursue legal action against the administration.  Please see our press release here.   If you are interested in assisting with the lawsuit by becoming a plaintiff, please contact our legal team at


Q: Hasn’t there been studies about transgender service members?

A: Yes, as recently as 2016 the RAND Corporation published a study located online here.  As well the Palm Center did a study in 2014 located here.


Q: I’m really confused.  Where can I find information about the actual policies for transgender service members?

A: The Department of Defense has a website located here.

Q: I am outraged.  What can I do to help?

A: You can donate to OutServe-SLDN to help in our legal fight for full equality, and ask your friends, family, and network to do so as well, here.  You can contact your elected officials to urge them to denounce this potential change and to reject any amendments to the NDAA that will deny medical coverage to transgender individuals or ban them from serving openly.

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