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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Freedom to Serve

Our Mission

OutServe-SLDN represents the U.S. LGBT military community worldwide. Our mission is to: educate the community, provide legal services, advocate for authentic transgender service, provide developmental opportunities, support members and local chapters, communicate effectively, and work towards equality for all.

You can view our complete organizational structure here

We accomplish our mission through the following committees:

  • Develop training materials for the DoD and DHS to provide to commanders, chapel and equal opportunity offices, just to name a few
  • Develop partnerships to teach the entire community about transgender issues and how it affects military service
  • Support pride events worldwide so OutServe-SLDN can pass along information to the greater community
Advocacy & Legal Services
  • Starting in February 2014, we hired the New Orleans law firm, Delaney and Robb, to take on the legal services portion of what we provide. Read more about how we gave a marine his dying wish here
  • Developing partnerships to determine a path to authentic transgender service and work to achieve that
Professional Development
  • Mentor our members to better themselves
  • We are in the final stages of determining the location for our annual leadership conference. Be on the lookout for more information soon
Chapter and Member Services
  • The OutServe-SLDN Board of Directors voted to amend the bylaws to allow members to join the organization. A member is simply defined as someone who supports our cause
  • We will be completely redoing our website and for the first time will allow you to join as an official member. There will be ways to connect with other members along with finding online resources and more at our completely redesigned website!
Public Affairs
  •  Communicating effectively is key to any organization and we are committed to doing just that. We want to give our members beneficial and timely information
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